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The three facsimile's that are in every copy of the Book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price, were copied from the Egyptian papyri before they were destroyed so they could be provided to Egyptologists to get their opinion on Joseph's interpretations of the scenes described by Joseph under each facsimile.

The book contains three facsimiles from the original papyri and Joseph Smith's translations of their images and characters.

Papyri translation Length of missing papyri BYU professor videos Critics' summary Editor's comments Links In July of 1835, a traveling showman named Michael Chandler brought an exhibit of four Egyptian mummies and papyri to Kirtland Ohio, then the home of the Latter-day Saints.

The papyri contained Egyptian hieroglyphics which intrigued the prophet Joseph Smith. Phelps and Oliver Cowdery as scribes, I commence the translation of some of the characters or hieroglyphics, and much to our joy found that one of the rolls contained the writings of Abraham, another the writings of Joseph of Egypt, etc.

And at some point, Emma donated the papyrus to a museum in Chicago.

When the museum burned down in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, it was assumed by all that the papyrus had been burnt up with it.

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Thus when the saints headed west to Utah under Young's leadership, they went without Emma, and without the papyrus.

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